Yours truly at the rally against Bill 75 early Friday morning, standing the line in solidarity with Nova Scotia’s teachers, and remembering those great educators who taught me all years ago, including Gord Watson, Jim Farmer, Sister Maureen and John MacDonald (to name just a very few).

I went down and stood on the line in solidarity with striking teachers, as a citizen who supports them. I didn’t tell anyone I was running for office, because, as I said, it wasn’t about me; I chatted with teachers to hear what they had to say, and I learned a lot. It was their night, after all. I wasn’t there to drum up votes; I was just there to lend support, and listen, and learn. So that’s what I did.

As for my view on all of this, I stand firmly against any legislated contract with public sector employees. Where the education system is concerned, it is clearly in need of significant reform, and teachers need to feel respected and know that they have our support. Our future depends on this, because a poorly educated population = less opportunities = young people leaving = economic decline = higher taxes in the long run for those left.

That’s a simple equation that even the McNeil government should understand, but for whatever reason they clearly do not.


Standing with Nova Scotia’s teachers

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