An Open Letter to the NDP members of Halifax Needham

Hi folks, Just taking a moment to answer all the questions I am getting at once about my possible candidacy for the NDP nomination in Halifax Needham. I…


The Election Campaign Nova Scotians Deserve

There are rumors of a fall election here in Nova Scotia. Regardless of whether it happens then, or in 2017, people should consider what kind of political discourse…


A Need For Change in Atlantic Canada

A couple of months ago Macleans Magazine published an article about the economic and social problems facing the Atlantic provinces, pointing to New Brunswick in particular as the most…


Why The Film Industry Controversy Matters To All Nova Scotians

Much has been said and written over the past year about the Liberal government’s decision in April 2015 to do away with the government funding structure for the film and…


A Little Synchronicity on Friday the 13th

So, here’s a bit of very weird synchronicity for Friday the 13th, which was yesterday. Earlier this evening I was putting together a reel of scenes from Exit…


Halifax Weather Girls in action

The Halifax Weather Girls cheer squad performs during a second-half time out at the NBL game between the Saint John Mill Rats and the hometown Halifax Hurricanes. Paul…


Dalhousie Art Gallery kicks off first film series of 2016 – The Art of Film Noir II

I attended a great kick-off night to this year’s Winter / Spring film screening series at the Dalhousie Art Gallery, curated by film expert extraordinaire Ron Foley Macdonald….


Ghost Cases: Sergeant Hutchings, I Presume?

In 1942 a young Royal Air Force sergeant named Tom Hutchings was stationed near St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick, a small village near the border with Maine that looks like…


The Sorceress Glissades

The sorceress glissades, her symphonious beauty underscoring a dance of ineluctable undulations through which she weaves a spell as deep as Mariana. She exhales a siren’s song, and…



There is nothing “common” about the common grackle, one of my favourite birds to photograph. Paul Kimball  


Captain Marvel Joins My Justice Society

The latest addition to my Justice Society – Captain Marvel. I’m an equal opportunity superhero employer, which means that whilst I prefer DC, I’ll happily raid the Marvel…


The Liberal Goverment’s NS Film Funding Debacle

“Film Tax Credits: a tale of two jurisdictions” is the latest from Halifax journalist Stephen Kimber on the devastating 2015 cuts to the Nova Scotia film and television…


SMU downs UPEI in AUS hockey action

More great AUS hockey action at the Halifax Forum on Saturday night, as the hometown SMU Huskies rallied from an early two-goal deficit to down the UPEI Panthers by a…

wilson 3

Why I Support Dave Wilson for Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP

The Province of Nova Scotia has serious problems. Many of the them were outlined in the The Report of the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy…


MacCormack’s Beach

Photos from April 2014 of MacCormack’s Beach in Fisherman’s Cove, Nova Scotia – one of my favourite places to get away from the hustle and bustle of the…



Roasted mixed root vegetables and sweet potatoes from Wednesday evening. Paul Kimball


The Criswell Conundrum

As readers might be aware, I have a history of encountering coincidences that may or may not be something more synchronistic – it all depends upon your point…


Ghost Cases: The Case of the Baby in the Basement

In Quinan, Nova Scotia, a cluster of a few houses about a half an hours drive from the town of Yarmouth on the Province’s far western tip, was…


Halifax Weather Girls

Some photos of the Halifax Weather Girls cheer squad at Halifax Hurricanes games so far this season. Paul Kimball


NBL Action – Niagra vs. London

Settling in to watch the live feed of the London Lightning vs. The Niagra River Lions. Kudos to the NBL for making games available for people to watch…


Job Security, or a Security Job?

Back in the mid 1990s, when I was a musician trying to become the next Paul McCartney, I worked as a security guard for various companies, including Eatons….

noir bar

Escape Fom a Late-Night Oubliette

In a back-number lizard lounge I sit at a table of boss-eyed skeletons, their bent-broken chitter-chatter and bromidic swill-patter scraping across my soul skin like a barbed woolen…


My Favourite Sports Mascot

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my favourite sports mascot – the Dalhousie University Tiger! I’ve spent some time following his (or is it her) exploits and antics over the…

reincarnation cycle

“Met Him Pike Hoses” – Thoughts on Reincarnation

The idea that the soul or spirit returns to live in a new body after death, either as a human being or in some traditions perhaps as an animal…

black lightning

Black Lightning!

I collect comic book action figures – mostly DC characters, which I have put together into my own Justice Society (more on that some other time). Here is…


Halifax Hurricanes – A Promising Start

I have a friend who is a big basketball fan and who absolutely, positively does not want to have anything to do with the Halifax Hurricanes. After last…


Acadia vs. Dalhousie, AUS hockey – 19 January 2016

Another enjoyable night out at the Halifax Forum this evening as I watched my two alma maters, Acadia University (BA Hons., 1989) and Dalhousie University (JD, 1992) battle…


An Apple A Day…

Here’s hoping tonight’s snack helps keep the doctors away.


Rick the Raccoon

My singing Raccoon, Rick, is currently watching Guardians of the Galaxy and sipping a vanilla bean latte. He’s quite enjoying the film, although he thinks Rocket should have…


Random Doodling – Batman

When I was in law school, my notebooks were covered with doodles / sketches I made of the Dark Knight (particularly my criminal law notebooks). I’m still drawing…


Joining the NS NDP

After a lifetime of supporting, and from time to time campaigning for, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, I walked away from the party today and joined the Nova…


WWE Royal Rumble 2016 – It’s Time For Bray Wyatt

Like many longtime fans of the WWE, I have been dismayed over the past couple of years with the course of the company – in particular their failure to not…


The Atom Finally Gets His Due!

Yes, yes, Batman is really smart… but Ray Palmer is smarter. One of the great unsung heroes of DC’s Silver Age (and one of my favourite superheroes of…


My Mom’s Peanut Butter Cake

My mom is awesome for all sorts of reasons… including her peanut butter cake recipe, which is my all-time favourite dessert (and my go-to birthday cake). She made…


Blue Jay – 14 September 2015

The blue jay is one of my favourite birds to photograph. I spent about ten minutes at Shubie Park in Dartmouth trying to get a good shot of…

The poster for my film Exit Thread, due for release in the Spring of 2016.

Exit Thread poster

The poster for Exit Thread, my soon-to-be-released third feature film. It was designed by Pete Hambling out of the United Kingdom using photos taken by one of the producers…


AUS Hockey – Dalhousie vs. UPEI, 16 January 2016

A few photos I took of the great action at the Halifax Forum on a snowy evening between my alma mater Dalhousie and the UPEI Panthers. Dalhousie took…


I Went to a Hockey Game and Some Synchronicity Broke Out!

Given my interest in, and experiences with, synchronicity, last night’s hockey game was… well, interesting. At the last minute this evening I decided to walk to the Halifax…